Lockdown Haiku

I’ve discovered I really like writing haiku. I’ve found them a great distraction these last few weeks. I love playing with words and although haiku are relatively simple in form, their structure requires as much creative thought as any regular poem. Usually haiku relate to emotions or seasons, often focused in nature, which appeals to […]

Simple Pleasures – Writing For Distraction

2019 has been quite a year so far. It started off quietly enough, with my day to day life continuing pretty much as it had before, balancing my life as a mum with my freelance work as a voiceover/writer and a part-time job with English Heritage. Then in February I found a lump. In March I got the shock […]

World War One Poetry

I’ve been proud to support local writer Rachel Cochrane with her latest creative writing project, Objects from World War 1 inspire stories and poetry. Her poems are featured in an exhibition at Durham Light Infantry musuem this month. I read her poem,  Butcher’s Lad Billy,  inspired by a Sweetheart Pincushion – typically made by soldiers recuperating in […]