Poems About Dementia

One of my poems, ‘Bedside’ has been included in a new and very special anthology published by Sidhe Press. It’s a collection of poems about dementia, a subject very close to my heart.

I wrote the poem about my Mum, who was sadly diagnosed with this condition a few years ago and is now in a care home.

It struck me one day, visiting her, how much her life had shrunk; how her world was now contained in one small room – her bedside drawer, crammed with memories and minutiae of her once vibrant life.

A Haiku seemed an appropriate choice of form, though I think it may be more accurate for me to call it a Senryu. The two styles of Japanese poetry share the same syllabic structure, but Haiku tend to be more about nature and the seasons, Senryu about people and emotions. I find them very satisfying to write. Perhaps it’s the challenge of composing something meaningful in three short lines and seventeen syllables!

I was delighted to be able to join the online launch of Our Own Coordinates, on Friday and spent an hour in the company of some very talented poets who all shared a common emotional connection. It was a very moving evening.

You can listen to the readings and watch the launch via YouTube here:

Thank you to Annick Yerem and Mo Schoenfeld – and all the other contributors, for creating something so full of love. I’m proud to be a part of it.

hjd_aitken ยท Bedside

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