Media Training

How are your media relations?

I ran a number of media training courses in and around York before I moved up to Northumberland. Although I’ve had a break from training for a few years, I’m keen to get the courses rolling again.

I aim the sessions primarily at voluntary sector groups but they are also ideal for start-ups and small businesses.

Come and learn how to establish contact with the press and build a pro-active rather than just a re-active relationship!

I’ve worked on both sides of the news during my twenty year career. I’ve experienced being behind the microphone, asking questions and in front of it, answering them! I’ve worked for local radio, national radio and regional TV as well as for various charities and community groups as a PR and as a volunteer. I know how hard it can be trying to get your organisation noticed, to drum up support and get your message out there. But I also know what journalists want and how you can make your message stand out.

Do you spend a fortune in advertising?

Developing good media relations makes good business sense:

  • Improve the quality of your media coverage.
  • Generate more interest in your organisation.
  • Manage a crisis more effectively.
  • Maximise the free publicity available!

My cost-effective seminars cover all aspects of media relations from establishing contact to writing press releases and preparing for interviews.

You can find full details of the courses on my Training page.







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