Voice-overs: Broadcast

I worked for several years as a Continuity Announcer for Yorkshire Television (1995-2002), providing on screen continuity for Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and later, Granada and Border TV. I was also a regular presenter on BBC Radio 7 (now known as Radio 4 Extra) for a number of years (2004-2011.) More recently I have voiced two series of Nightmare in Suburbia for Nine Lives Media, broadcasting on the CI channel.

Examples below. Please click on the video and audio files below to watch/listen:

Nightmare in Suburbia, seasons 4 and 5: Nine Lives Media

BBC Radio 7 (7th Dimension trails)

BBC Radio 7 (presentation)

ITV continuity (YTV/TTTV/BTV/GTV)

ITV promos (regional and national trailers)




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