Simple Pleasures – Writing For Distraction

2019 has been quite a year so far. It started off quietly enough, with my day to day life continuing pretty much as it had before, balancing my life as a mum with my freelance work as a voiceover/writer and a part-time job with English Heritage. Then in February I found a lump.

In March I got the shock of my life, when I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer. I’ve been on a fast-moving path of surgery and ongoing treatments since then. A path I know, that will be all too familiar to so many. I’ve been unable to work the last few months and even though writing can be very cathartic in times of stress and I considered writing about my experiences to process them, I couldn’t find the words.

Then recently, in the midst of my chemotherapy, I realised what I really needed to get me through the invasive treatment, was to focus on the things that made me smile. It’s the art of distraction but maybe that’s when words flow best. Poems started to form in my head and when I focused on the words it distracted me from everything else.

Clarity is often born from extreme circumstances and sometimes (almost always) it’s the simple pleasures in life that are the key to finding precious moments of joy. So that’s what I’ve written about, things I love!

I have two more rounds of chemo to go, then a few weeks of radiotherapy before a final surgery. My journey is not yet complete but the end is in sight and that, is a precious thing in itself.

Today is National Poetry Day – and a day to celebrate the wonder of words. It seems a good time to share mine. Please click on the titles to view the poems.


Bath Bliss

Smiling Eyes

Guinea Pigs






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