It feels like the whole world is shouting!
Every voice wants to be heard
Everyone has an opinion to share
My timeline is crammed with their words

In a fear-filled world full of stories
How do we know what is real?
Is there a right way to see what is?
Or is reality, just how we feel?

There is no right or wrong answer, you see?
It’s always just, up to us
Our perception has power, more than we know
Perhaps, it’s time we learned how to trust

Trust ourselves, trust our instincts
Trust the way things make us feel
We’ve our very own guidance system
But we don’t believe that it’s real!

So I sit in my bubble and wonder
If I stay here, would anyone mind?
I could just live out my days being peaceful
And leave all the drama behind

Maybe that’s the way forward?
Maybe that’s just what I, should do
I know one thing is clear from this madness
In my stillness, I always find you.