Down The Well

Do you ever have days when nothing seems right?
When the world weighs heavy and try as you might
There is no shifting the darkness and gloom
It fills every moment, every thought, every room

We feel so trapped, flailing thoughts down this well
The world’s out of reach, or is that just me? I can’t tell
But there is a way through this, to let in the light
Be gentle, go slowly. If you need to, sit tight

Just take it one thought at a time
Our minds can build bridges if we keep them in line
Breathe slowly, talk yourself round
Do whatever you can, let your feet feel the ground

Try not to act now. I know it’s hard to resist
But your regret could last much longer than this
Just take a step, just one or two
A step towards the real you

There is so much beauty and so much love
It’s always there waiting within us, not above
So breathe in your strength, allow yourself time
And remember it’s alright to be here, next time