The restless water 
of a gentle woodland stream, 
is a soothing sound.

Best to tread lightly... 
We leave footprints across hearts, 
some stay forever.

From the cold darkness 
slender green shoots seek out light 
and the hope of spring...

Endless rain falling
like tears for all that we've lost.
Until the clouds lift.

Softly, silently,
frosty flakes form a blanket
of snowy stillness.

Through frostbitten leaves
under empty trees, I walk... 
My feet crunch onwards.

Lone tree in the mist,
reaching out with leafless limbs
through autumn’s last gasp.

It’s World Kindness Day.
Shall we spread a little love?
I think that we should.

Rusty November...
I remember, remember 
a long, lost summer.

More than words, love is
tender lips and fingertips -
peaceful, open arms.

Leaves fall quietly, 
raining colours and hues of 
autumnal endings.