Audio Book album covers for Bertie the Guinea Pig stories

Bertie Guinea Pig Audio Books

Bertie’s guinea pig stories have grown in to quite a collection in his app and I’m delighted that all twelve of his tales are now also available as audio books too!

I’ve just added Volume 3 to the audio book collection. Bertie’s final volume includes the last four squeaky guinea pig tales, Bertie’s Halloween Treat, Bertie and the Buzzy Bee, Bertie’s Happy Easter and Bertie’s Day at School.

Have a listen below:

All Bertie’s stories are written, narrated and audio-produced by myself. Our pet guinea pigs provide the inspiration and the squeaks!¬†Artist Liz Lewis has produced the cover art for the albums. Liz also illustrates Bertie’s apps. We make a great team and hope one day to see Bertie in print too!


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