A new Bertie story!

Bertie now has five tales in his collection. A new story, Bertie Visits the Vet was added last week to the app, which is available in App Stores around the world. The story will hopefully be joining The Storymouse collection of audio tales on British Airways flights too.

You can hear a sample from the story by visiting Bertie’s website.

I love writing and narrating the tales which are aimed at pre-schoolers and all based loosely on my own real-life experiences with my pet guinea pigs. As usual this one includes plenty of real-life guinea pig squeaks.

It always amuses me how animals, like humans are rendered ‘speechless’ by the sight of a microphone! Some rustling of the hay bag did the trick for the guinea pigs but we had to trick my friend’s dog into barking by ringing her doorbell as I recall he wasn’t keen on performing either!

All good fun, some days it just doesn’t doesn’tĀ feel like work at all!




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